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Raptor Tactical Ballistic Plate NIJ Level IIIA 3A 10"x12"

Raptor Tactical Ballistic Plate NIJ Level IIIA 3A 10"x12"

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Brand Name: MILITECH

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: 10x12 Inches Soft Bulletproof Plate

Certification: CE

Performance: NIJ IIIA 0101.06

Good To Resist: 9x19mm, 357 SIG, .44 Magnum

Ballistic Material: UHMWPE Or Twaron Aramid

Size: 10x12 Inches(25cm x 30cm)

UHMWPE Version: Approx 460Gram/Piece

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You Are Purchasing From An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Manufacturer Specialized In Research & Development & Manufacturing Of Ballistic Helmets, Ballistic Vests, Ballistic Panels, and Stab-Resistant Vests. Our ISO Certificate Number Is 00123Q35775R2M/3600, And Can Be Verified From The China Quality Certification Center Link:

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Raptor Tactical NIJ IIIA 0101.06 10'' x 12'' 1 Piece Of UHMWPE Or Aramid Made Soft Ballistic Panel Bulletproof Plate(One Piece Only)

Key Features Of UHMWPE Version:

Weigh And Size: 460 Gram Each Piece; 10'' x 12'' (25 cm  x 30 cm)

Material: Superior UHMWPE (Not recycled, not scraps )

UHMWPE Layers: 32

Finishing: Ultra Sonic Thermo Sealed Waterproof Polyester Cover

Performance: NIJ 3A 0101.06 Guaranteed!

Testing Lab: Physical And Chemical Inspection Center In Non-Metals Material Of Ordnance Industries

Test results: 6 Shots of .44 MAG SJHP Tested, No Penetration, Back Face Deformation Results Meet The Requirement Of Less Than 44mm

Key Features Of Aramid Version:

Weigh And Size: 530 Gram Each Piece(Just Over 1.1 lbs); 10'' x 12'' (25 cm  x 30 cm)

Material: Imported Teijin Twaron Aramid Made UD (Not recycled, not scraps )

Aramid UD Layers: 26

Finishing: Ultra Sonic Thermo Sealed Waterproof Polyester Cover

Performance: NIJ 3A 0101.06 Guaranteed

Exellent Flexibility, Better Back Face Deformation Performance( Less Deformation Of The Plate After Gets Hit)

Testing Lab: BMT Of Australia

Test results:

357 SIG FMJ FN, 125gr, 1463ft/s (446m/s), No Penetration, Back Face Deformation: 14mm

.44 MAG SJHP, 240gr, 1437ft/s (438m/s), No Penetration, Back Face Deformation: 27mm

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