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VEVOR 5KW Car/truck Diesel Heater

VEVOR 5KW Car/truck Diesel Heater

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Brand Name: VEVOR

Origin: Mainland China

Item Type: Heating & Fans

Certification: CE

Item Model Number: XMZ-D1

Operating Consumption: 12V/3A

Heating Power: 5 KW

Fuel Consumption: 0.16-0.52 L/H

Fuel Tank Volume: 5 L/1.3 Gal

Control Method: LCD+Remote Control(Bluetooth)

Adjustable Temperature Range: 46℉-96.8℉/8℃-36℃

Working Temperature: -104℉-104℉/-40℃-40℃

Applicable Altitude: Below 5500 m/18045 ft

BTU: 161-215ft²/15-20 m²

Net Weight: 18.3 lbs/8.3 kg

Air Outlet Pipe Inner Diameter: 3 in/76.5 mm

Stay warm and cozy no matter where you are
No more enduring the discomfort of driving in freezing temperatures. VEVOR diesel heater is the perfect solution for your car, RV, truck, indoor space, and more. It quickly delivers a steady stream of warm airflow, eliminating the cold atmosphere in your vehicle and providing a cozy journey.
Upgrade your heating experience with our efficient solution, designed to heat 161-215ft⊃2;/15-20m⊃2; areas rapidly. Enjoy the benefits of a stable fuel supply and low noise, creating a warm and peaceful environment for your comfort.
Our diesel heater comes with a 32 ft remote control, allowing you to adjust settings and enjoy the warmth from a distance. Take control of your comfort without leaving your seat. And the LCD display provides a clear and intuitive view for your convenient operation.
Say goodbye to noisy heating systems and welcome the quiet comfort of our low-noise diesel air heater. Enjoy peaceful heating in any setting and embrace the perfect harmony of warmth and tranquility today!
With its compact and installation-free design, our diesel air heater is designed to accompany you on camping trips, adventures, and various journeys. You can also use it in cars, trucks, ships, excavators, tool rooms, and indoor spaces.
Features & Details
  • Easy Installation-free Solution: Enjoy efficient heating with our diesel heater all in one that requires no installation, making it perfect for outdoor adventures like camping. Heater Power: 5 KW; Rated Voltage: 12 V. Applicable Range: 161-215ft⊃2;/15-20 m⊃2;. Within just 10 minutes, our innovative sandblasting aluminum heat exchanger ensures rapid and efficient heat transfer, ensuring a comfortable temperature inside your vehicle, boat, or cabin.

  • Low Energy Consumption & High Output: Save on fuel costs with vevor diesel heater's precision low-noise fuel pump, consuming around 1 gallon per night and reducing fuel consumption to a range of 0.16 L-0.52 L/h. With a 5 L/1.3 gal large capacity fuel tank, the diesel air heater can provide continuous heat for up to 10 hours, maximizing fuel efficiency and minimizing energy waste.

  • Intelligent Dual Control: Take control of your heating experience with our 32 ft long-distance remote control and LCD. Preheat your vehicle from outside, keep the interior warm, preheat the engine, and prevent window freezing. And the large LCD allows you to get a clear view of your heater's status. The temperature can be adjusted from 46 °F-96.8 °F/8 °C-36 °C, catering to your specific needs.

  • Stay Warm Anywhere: Our diesel heater 8kw is suitable for altitudes below 9843 feet/3000 m and operates smoothly in surrounding temperatures ranging from -104 °F to 104 °F/-40 °C to 40 °C. Whether in high-altitude or low-temperature areas, this portable diesel heater can provide continuous warmth wherever you go.

  • Secure and Reliable: Our diesel air heater features a high safety system, allowing for worry-free usage in various environments such as cars, RVs, ships, and indoors. It provides constant temperature control, timing function, voice broadcasting, preheating, and overheating protection at ≥518°F/270 °C, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience throughout the night.

5KW Bluetooth
8KW Bluetooth

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